studio aziza private classIndividual instruction with Aziza will dramatically accelerate your learning, and is appropriate for all levels of dancers. Absolute beginner through professional dancers have benefitted from Aziza’s patient and intuitive teaching style. Each lesson is customized according to your interests and needs. Areas of focus for your studies are limitless! Possible topics include:

Technique: Isolation drills, conditioning, posture, extension, hands and arms, abdominal work, hip technique, veil technique, rhythm study, and finger cymbals

Concept: Music interpretation, improvisation, dramatic expression, taxim, stagecraft, quality of movement, dancing to live music.

Coaching: Gentle and honest performance critique, competition preparation, music selection & set composition.

Stylization: Classic and contemporary Egyptian, “old school” and modern American Bellydance, Egyptian Folkloric (Saidi, Baladi, Shaabi, Melaya Leff)

Fitness: Dance strengthening and conditioning, drills, safe and effective warm up, stretching and cool down, posture and alignment.

Choreography: Original choreography commission, gentle and honest choreography critique, assistance with creating or completing your own choreography.

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